The Dark Side to Halloween: Marketing Unhealthy Products to Our Children?


Trying to work out Halloween?  – What to do for ‘Trick or Treat’

Halloween is a new phenomenon in Australia. I did not know about it as a child but the chances are some ‘sugar hyped up’ kid may be on your doorstep this Thursday for ‘Trick or Treat.’

Halloween is a commercial dream come true for the confectionery industry estimated at over $6 billion dollars in annual turnover. No wonder the food giants promote it so much. In the USA confectionery sales at Halloween exceed those at Easter, Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

Here is my option for the children knocking at your door – Popcorn!

Fructose free, preferably buttered with a bit of salt. Perfect.

This last week’s Medical Journal of Australia had an article on the detrimental side of Halloween.

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