Committed Sardines and Fructose and Blue Whales

sardine school
A school of Sardines can reach enormous sizes as big as a Blue Whale, the largest mammal on earth. That school of fish can change direction in a ‘blink of an eyelid’ whereas a Blue Whale can take up to 3 minutes to turn 180 degrees.

Have you considered how a school of fish can do that?

At any point of time in that mass of fish there will be fish swimming in the opposite direction. If enough fish START A CHANGE then there will be a tipping point and the entire school will change immediately. That percentage is often only a small number.

I believe that we are approaching a tipping point as we look to see that WE ARE WHAT WE EAT. The whole awareness of sugar, and in particular the Fructose component, being a major contributor our health issues is rapidly approaching.

The fact that you are reading this makes you part of that group considering that our current direction is all wrong.

I have had a long standing personal motto.


You know you are truly alive and breathing hard when you are going against the main stream.