‘Carbohydrate’ Diabetes

shutterstock_135460946Diabetes is generally known as ‘Sugar’ Diabetes when it really is a problem of handling Glucose.

Glucose is half of sugar but most people forget that the carbs in our diet are starches which effectively break down to glucose immediately. That slice of bread will affect the blood glucose levels as much as ice cream!

I would like to start to see the term ‘Carbohydrate’ Diabetes be adopted and accept that sugar is just a simple carbohydrate.

So for all the same reasons that Diabetics are told to be careful with sugar then the same should apply to carbohydrates such as bread, rice, pasta and potato.

It makes simple sense to cut down the carbohydrate load and then the system does not need to handle as much glucose load.

We have a hybrid engine in place to run on fat. I call it our winter hibernation engine. That’s what we did as Hunter Gatherers.

A Summer engine to run on Fructose and carbohydrates and turn that into fat for winter.

The Winter engine requires a switch of fuel tank to start burning the fat stores. As we ran out of food in the leaner winter months we switched over to burning fat (ketogenic) in a very effecient fashion.

I have heard Dr Troy Stapleton speaking on his dietary management of Type 1 Diabetes on 2 occasions now. He puts his argument together very well.

The first was on the ABC Health report link below and then last week in Melbourne. As soon as the video link is available I will add it. It was one of the best summaries I have seen on using diet in the management of Diabetes. Better to hear it from him.

His second talk was last weekend at the Low Carb Down Under meeting in Melbourne.

“I Manage my Type 1 Diabetes Eating LCHF” – Dr Troy Stapleton

Quoting from Professor Grant Schofield’s summary of the meeting.

“Dr Troy Stapleton is a Sunshine Coast radiologist who was diagnosed with type 1 Diabetes 13 months ago. The guy is a guru and really used his very sharp mind to articulate the obvious problems for Type 1 diabetes and higher carb diets.  This guy will make a massive difference in the long run.  He’s a radiologist but already knows more than virtually every endocrinologist in Australia.  Listen to his recent ABC radio piece here.”

When the video link comes up then I will attach.