Bacon for Breakfast – Love It

Photo: be a true BACON warrior!

2 more things about bacon. Try and go for the non grain fed version and virtually all have some added sugar. Just a little but worth looking at as the percentage varies.

Animals tend to store their waste products and particularly the Omega 6 inflammatory fatty acids in the fat layers. If the pig is ‘natural’ farm reared and not grain fed it should have less toxins on board so eat all the saturated fat you like. Definitely do not get led into believing that pork crackling is bad for you.

Cereal grains including corn that are used in production line pig farming results in a higher Omega 6 fatty acid load on these animals. They then store that in the fat.

If your meat sources are from grain fed animals then it might be worth trimming the fat. Not because of the saturated fat but because of the toxins that accumulated along the way.

Linoleic acid levels (Omega 6 inflammatory ones) are higher in grain fed animals than those in the wild and those free ranging. This goes for pigs, cattle, chickens and fish.

So the message remains – try for ‘real food’ from ‘natural’ environments.

The processing of bacon involves using a brine solution that generally has some sugar in it. Even from the ‘free range’ farms. The percentage varies from 0.5% to 3% on one brand I looked at.

It is still a very low load unless you are having a bacon eat off so more of a knowledge thing rather than to get worried about.

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