What is LCHF?


LCHF is eating by the concept of a diet of Low Carbohydrate and High (Saturated) Fat intake. It is sort of two thirds of the No Fructose concept.

Fructose is half of sugar. Sugar is a carbohydrate and the fructose portion ‘makes you’ hungry and gets turned into the ‘bad cholesterol’ – the small dense LDL’s (low density lipoproteins).

Glucose is another carbohydrate and it makes up half of sugar and is the basic carbohydrate in starch, bread, pasta and rice.

Glucose that is not used up immediately by the brain and muscle in particular goes to fat production.

Eating fat does NOT make you fat. It is an energy dense food source which is slowly metabolised in the body without insulin spikes.

Running your body on fat as a fuel is like using an efficient diesel fuel in your engine in comparison to a high octane carbohydrate fuel which is highly inflammatory.

The third component of the NO Fructose concept is the avoidance of Polyunsaturated oils. These are mostly man made and create oxidation and inflammation of the extra fat and in particular the LDL’s that we are carrying around because of the carbohydrate load.

Going back to butter and lard (and coconut oil) and tossing out the margarine and seeda and vegetable oils will cut back the inflammation.

So is LCHF plus going back to saturated fats the way to go? It is for me.


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  1. Darwin

    There is controversy and cfcnlintiog literature about harm from fructose. The dose of fructose from naturally acting foods is modest is fruit ingestion is likely to provide more benefits than harm.

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