Biggest Losers on ‘Biggest Losers’

Knees, ankles and feet are the biggest losers in this boot camp stupidity.

‘Biggest Losers’ is off and ‘running’ again for another season in 2014

There is going to be another group of individuals with joint and soft tissue damage once again.

The ‘boot camp’ exercise programme that we see on television may shed a few kilos quicker but it does this at the expense of damaging joints and is not sustainable when the contestants get out of the enclosed environment.

The frustrating thing for me is seeing these people pushed over the edge physically and the injuries that develop.

Most weeks I will be seeing patients that have injured their knees, ankles and feet in the pursuit of fitness and weight loss. Boot camps with step climbs, squats and lunges put about 8 times your body weight through the patellofemoral or kneecap joint and can cause irreversible damage.

There are a lot of good points to come out of the show including having support, motivation and reviewing the diet. However they still push the low fat concept which generally means more sugar.

I had a look around the internet and the long term results of contestants are not good. Sustained weight loss does not seem to be there. The show brings back a few ‘winners’ from the past but it would be interesting to look at the whole group. I suspect that the results are not good. If they were good then we would be hearing about them.

The No Fructose concept is just that, it is not a diet. The exercise concept is about keeping on moving, doing some aerobic activity but not about belting the body along the way. That was the trick to Bob Herdsman’s win on the ‘Biggest Loser’ in 2009. He just kept moving – walking and diet and he has sustained it.

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