The Men Who Made Us Fat

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‘The Men Who Made Us Fat’ BBC programme that is well worth watching.

Here are the links to the show.

There has been so much manipulation of our food for the several decades that we struggle to work out what is ‘natural’.

Unfortunately getting back to eating ‘real food – local and seasonal’ is not going to be achievable for most of the world’s population. That is the sad reality. But we can try.

Episode 1: ==> Jacques Peretti investigates the story of High-Fructose Corn Syrup; he also traces those responsible for revolutionizing our eating habits to find out how decisions made in the U.S. 40 years ago influence the way we eat now.

Episode 2: ==> Peretti investigates how the concept of “Super-Sizing” changed our eating habits forever.

Episode 3: ==> Peretti examines assumptions about what is & is not healthy. He also looks at how product marketing can seduce consumers into buying supposed ‘healthy foods’ such as muesli and juices, both of which can be high in sugar.