“Because Happiness is a Coca-Cola” B^ll$#!t

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I very nearly had chest pain watching this video from Coca-Cola.

We are up against huge marketing forces that are manipulating people across the world.

This is no doubt this is very clever marketing but at whose expense ultimately – the health of our people everywhere.

Developing nations really struggle with the effects of junk food and in particular sugar loads. I have seen first hand, the diabetes epidemic that is following the introduction of sugar laden products into these countries. They are completely unable to manage the health problems that are completely predictable

If Coca-Cola really want to make a change, then make bottle caps for water ‘legal tender’ for their ‘phone home’ booths.

Promoting Coca-Cola to highly underpaid workers is deplorable. Make of it what you wish but this is a big thumbs down from me.

If you are wondering about the cost of Coca Cola in Dubai – I have seen quotes of between $0.54 to $0.68 for a 500ml bottle. That’s about 10% of your income – a lot for someone on $6.00 per day.