Diabetes and Sex

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This is a great forum site which openly discusses a whole range of topical issues. Sex is a part of a relationship and Diabetes does have its problems including what affects libido.

I have a lot of time for this site – www.diabetes.co.uk

Wise words here from the blog. And not just for Diabetics.

‘Not sure why it’s treated as a joke as sex is an important part of a healthy and balanced lifestyle for most.

Sex is nice and pleasure is good for you, but it gets treated as a joke because people are embarrassed to talk about it, even in long term relationships.

This means that very many people don’t actually have the kind of sex and intimacy that they really want. And when it comes to trying to negotiate with your partner to get the kind of intimacy you want, people get tongue-tied and awkward, especially women, because nice girls don’t ask. Although how anyone can possibly bring pleasure to a partner without knowing what turns them on is beyond me. Hardly surprising that the libido hits rock bottom.

The biggest erogenous zone you have is in the space between your ears, if someone can’t stimulate that part for me it really isn’t going to go anywhere else. There is so much more to intimacy and a healthy sex life than penetrative sex, which is where many discussions seem to start and end, often with bruised egos.

Now, while there can be huge thrill to an illicit quicky, I’d say most of us would like to spend a bit more time. I think you need a running buffet attitude rather than a fast food approach to good sex.

Add to the embarrassment some of the problems you get with diabetes, especially if blood sugar is running high and you are fatigues and fuzzy headed or you have the longer term problems with erectile dysfunction or the risk of hypos if you are on insulin… bit of a minefield :?’