Why the Heart Foundation will not back down on Margarine and Low Fat Sugar laden foods.

Gary Fettke No Fructose's photo.

Class action against them pending and corporate dollars?

I have been considering why the Heart Foundation continues to hold its ground on the topic of saturated fat being bad and the promotion of low fat foods and polyunsaturated oils.

The low fat means more sugar and that means more fat and obesity. The polyunsaturated oils mean more inflammation and in my opinion, more cardiovascular disease, along with a raft of other illness.

The current literature is undermining everything the Heart Foundation has been promoting for the last 30 years. Popular media is bringing it to the community’s attention (Time magazine this week). The Heart Foundation quoted literature is several years out of date.

Imagine the problem now that the Heart Foundation has.

The ‘prevention’ programmes that have been recommended and thrust upon us from the ‘peak authoritative body’ are making us fatter and sicker.

What are the lawyers going to do with that? They will be lining up for this one.

How would you feel if you have had your heart attack and taken the Heart Foundation advice only to find yourself propelled down an even more dangerous path? Shaky ground for the Heart Foundation and stormy waters ahead.

Next in line are all those corporate sponsors forking out hundreds of thousands of dollars to get the Heart Tick onto the food labels. They will have their own law suits to contend with and I suspect will then blame the Heart Foundation for giving them the wrong advice. Hard to imagine that they will keep giving their corporate dollars away when it gets messy.

The sooner the Heart Foundation considers openly that there is new research available the better. This was a well intentioned organisation initially but now needs to take responsible action – they are continuing to create harm every day.

The longer they keep a closed mind the more likely they will be closing their doors permanently.