A message from Hawaii for Type 1 Diabetics

Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) can have so many benefits for Type 1 Diabetics – apart from for everyone.

Fabulous glucose control for Dave (aged 10) and the role of LCHF for him and the family. They are all in control and far less stressed than the ‘average’ type 1 family. LCHF can have so many benefits for Type 1 Diabetics.

It certainly requires a careful supervised transition but worth considering.

His father has been looking at the Artificial Pancreas science and technology and applying fuzzy logic.

“We have found that counter to our initial thoughts, a low carb, high fat diet is a rather luxurious, satisfying way to eat. The cognitive load of diabetes management is dramatically lessened. My son’s growth and athletic performance has been astounding. And most importantly, there is no longer the feeling that type one diabetes is a hopeless state where complications will inevitably creep in. Indeed, we feel like we are winning.”

— by Dr. R. David Dikeman (DTakeo) and David Dikeman”