Eat More Natural Fat

shutterstock_166892912Are you trying low carb eating and not feeling great?

Dry skin, physical performance lagging, joint aches, not satisfied after meals, or are you trying to love vegetables but struggling to make them taste good?

The No Fructose concept is based on a Low Carbohydrate and HIGH Natural Fat diet. The LCHF way of eating means cutting way back on sugar, processed carbohydrates and polyunsaturated oils.

A lot of people manage to cut the sugar and carbs down but still fear fat. You have to replace that sugar and carbohydrate load with something.

Increasing protein intake is one option but still provokes a blood glucose and insulin spike.

Fat is like a slow release fuel. Very much like a slow burning log on a fire in comparison to putting more and more kindling to make a fire roar.

Mark Sisson explores the reasons where fat is important when things are not working for you after cutting back your carbs.