Is breakfast the most important meal of the day?


This current article suggest that it is important but does not affect overall metabolic balance.

The group that had breakfast tended to eat more overall but also expended more energy. The opposite was for those that fasted through breakfast.

The breakfast eaters tended to have a more stable blood glucose profile than the morning fasters.

And the fasting group that did not eat until 12 midday exhibited an increase in fat cell insulin sensitivity. Interesting issue which needs further investigation but may have a role to play in fat deposition.

My take on the article – have the breakfast and make it nutritious.

“Daily breakfast is causally linked to higher physical activity thermogenesis in lean adults, with greater overall dietary energy intake but no change in resting metabolism. Cardiovascular health indexes were unaffected by either of the treatments, but breakfast maintained more stable afternoon and evening glycemia than did fasting’

“Although fasting until 1200 every day for 6 wk presented no negative cardiovascular effects as reflected by the concentration of blood metabolites under fed and fasted conditions, there was a 10% increase in adipose tissue insulin sensitivity within the breakfast group. Conversely, those in the fasting group exhibited no such effect on adipose tissue insulin sensitivity.”

“Regular daily breakfast maintained more stable glucose responses during the afternoon and evening.”

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