Spin doctoring at its best from the sugar industry

“High sugar eaters are more likely to be slim. Studies have shown that obese and overweight people generally consume more energy from dietary fat. In contrast, high sugar consumers are more likely to be slimmer.”

The World Sugar Research Organisation (WSRO) is an international scientific research organisation globally supported by the sugar industry.

Now here is an interesting web site. This is completely supported by the sugar industry and has several position statements on issues related to health, diabetes, weight issues and cancer.

This is spin doctoring at its best.

They point the finger at fat being the problem because it has more calories. The old calories are to blame argument is their main argument.

Put this site on the shame file list or have a look across their position statements to see their slant. It will either make you smile or cry.


High fat foods are also very palatable and energy dense, making it easier to consume excess energy…
wsro.org|By World Sugar Research Organisation