How do you Decode a Food Label?

Food producers will do what they can to deceive you. The colour of packaging, the ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ words seem to launch themselves at us all the time.

The food label has to give you the nutrient information but it needs some work to drag the information off it.

I always look at the sugar and carbohydrate content and then look at the polyunsaturate fat component.

If they are all in my parameters of okay, then I check the ingredients and look for the alternate names of sugars and to see what oil has been used in the production. Most times if it is in a packet and with a barcode, the oil will be high in a polyunsaturated oil like vegetable or sunflower oil.

Guess what? It then stays on the shelf and does not make its way into the basket.

If you want to know more on reading the food labels then have a look at

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