Watch How This Supermarket Got People To Buy Their Rubbish…

Why do the supermarkets have all their produce looking ‘perfect’?

I know that corn is discarded if all the rows don’t line up, apples and stone fruit needs to be blemish free.

This is achieved in 2 common ways.

A lot of fruit has now been selectively bred (dare I say ‘genetically modified’) for appearance and with a higher sugar and lower fibre content. Both improve shelf life and transportability.

The sugar acts as a preservative. The fibre in food generally increases the chance of it going moldy, particularly in a moist environment. Our food industry has therefore reduced the fibre and increased the sugar when able, and not just for ‘fresh’ produce.

‘Fresh’ produce?

Most fruit is now processed with a variety of chemicals, gassed or sprayed accordingly to keep it looking shiny, feeling firm and crunchy and for improved shelf life and transportability.

What would you do if you got to the supermarket and found the produce misshapen, a bit odd looking and with a couple of markings.

This French store has embraced that market and check out the results. Are we ready here in Australia?

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