Spring is here!


Opening Day of the ‘Nutrition for life – Diabetes & Health Research Centre’

Great to finally catch up with Pete Evans at the Low Carb Down Under meeting in Melbourne on Saturday. We have a common goal and I cannot see why there is a problem of us recommending eating real food.

Pete has been copping more ‘flack’ than me recently and I am very happy to support where he is going with his public awareness campaign – education for children and families.

There were over 500 people attending and it was an informative day. I continue to learn from my co-presenters and from the questions from the audience.

More on the weekend to follow.

Today we officially open the ‘Nutrition for life – Diabetes & Health Research Centre’ and all the best to the ladies on that exciting venture.

This is your time Britt, Sarah, Bronwyn, Katy, Lucy, Helen and Belinda Fettke BPhotography.
We could not do it without you all.