Realistic Weight Loss

Gary Fettke No Fructose's photo.

There is a healthy weight range for all of us. It does not mean ‘skinny or fat’.

Body Mass Index or best known as BMI is a calculation based around your height and weight and is therefore easy to measure – but not always meaningful.

Having a BMI too high is generally associated with ill health, obesity and a predictor of a whole raft of diseases including Diabetes, Cancer, Dementia, Cardiovascular disease and most modern disease.

Having a BMI too low can be a predictor of illness too.

A lot of people go LCHF (Lower Carbohydrate and Higher natural Fat) to lose weight but get stuck at certain weights and get frustrated with that plateau.

It may be that is your healthy weight or that is where the body has decided to ‘pause’ at a set weight. There is some work on that ‘set’ level.

If you are at that plateau and concerned then always check with your doctor that you have not developed anything else and particularly thyroid issues.

Some people get back on the steady weight loss path by resetting their level by going ketogenic and dropping their carbohydrate load even further.

I see the whole concept of LCHF as a journey where you end up working out what is right for you.

When you feel healthy and right then that is all that matters. If that puts you in the right BMI range then that is a numerical bonus too.