Cancer of the Bowel and Carbohydrates

Starving cancerColorectal cancer (CRC) is a major contributor to our disease burden.

This study recently out in ‘Cell’ provides a biochemical link between the carbohydrate intake and the development of cancer.

‘A comprehensive meta-analysis found a positive association of total carbohydrate intake with CRC (Gnagnarella et al.,2008), and a recent prospective study showed that carbohydrate intake was associated with an increased risk of recurence of CRC (Meyerhardt et al.,2012).’

‘Findings suggest that a diet reduced in carbohydrates as well as
alterations in the intestinal microbial community could be beneficial to those individuals that are genetically predisposed to CRC.’

None of this is proof that carbohydrates cause cancer but it does provide more information pointing towards the benefits of reducing grains, pasta and rice as well as the sugar.

I will recommend starving that cancer right from the day of diagnosis. You still need to eat healthy but up the natural fat and keep the protein level adequate.