Am I part of a secret funded society? Pathetic effort from the food industry.

Gary Fettke No Fructose's photo.

This is a new low point slur accusation. In an online blog this week the Low Carb Down Under group are ‘accused’ of being sponsored by some undeclared secret benefactor with an agenda.

It must come as a rude shock to the vocal nutritionist Bill Shrapnel that a group of like minded individuals have an altruistic bent and might do something for the benefit of society.

It might surprise Mr Shrapnel who has numerous links and sponsorship agreements with the food industry that I buy my own airline ticket and pay for my own accommodation to attend and speak at these events. This includes flights to Melbourne and New Zealand this year!

Tim Noakes has asked me to speak at the World Summit in South Africa in February. I am paying my own way to that event. I think it unlikely that the Food Industry are going to write me a sponsorship cheque for that.

Dr Rod Tayler, a Melbourne Anesthetist and a clear LCHF proponent continues to invite people together. We have a shared goal of raising awareness of a modern approach to nutrition.

We can all see that that the ‘Food Pyramid’ is killing us and that the food industry has so much vested financial interest in continuing the status quo. We are trying to change that.

The Low Carb Down Under talks had very spartan beginnings and it is the ticket sales which fund the events and the future events. So, who funds the Low Carb Down Under group? You do.

To be completely honest with financial declarations. We all went out to dinner after the last Melbourne meeting and talked LCHF and the next meetings. That meal of meat and veggies was paid for by the event tickets!

If this is the type of campaign we have against us in raising awareness of eating well, then all I can say is that is about as pathetic as it can be.

Shrapnel’s declared Food Industry sponsorship