Supermarkets getting savvy for parents shopping with children.

10744887_10152649414918673_1334057758_n Ever tried going through a checkout with children and all those bright colours and sugar laden bribes. It’s all marketing and setting parents up for the obvious tantrums that ensue.

Most junk food is coloured brightly to attract your attention. It’s there to distract you and get your attention. The hungry colours are red and yellow. That’s part of why McDonalds has been so successful.

Fruit in nature does the same thing. At the time of plenty it ripens into those bright colours, gets our attention and then we are attracted to it. We know that at those times the fruit is high in fructose and glucose and that can be converted into fat for winter storage.

The fruit advertises itself to us. It wants it’s seed propagated and we want it’s sugar. Brilliant marketing in nature.

The supermarkets do the same thing with colours and brightness. It’s part of the lighting aspect of shops. Sales go down if the lighting is poor, particularly in food outlets.

Society mimics nature.

Now the supermarkets can see another angle by providing a sugar free checkout. Brilliant!

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