Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in Diabetes (and the whole population)

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Get your Triglycerides down and pay a lot less attention to cholesterol levels.

‘Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM).

We demonstrated a direct association between long-term mortality risk and triglyceride levels.’

Triglyceride levels are an indirect measure of the small dense Low Density Lipoproteins (small dense LDL’s) that are often known as the ‘bad cholesterol’ particles.

The production of small dense LDL’s is directly from Fructose consumption and indirectly from carbohydrate (glucose) intake.

Too much Fructose and Carbohydrate consumption, whether or not you have Diabetes, will result in elevated Triglycerides.

The Triglyceride measurement on your cholesterol or lipid test is the most relevant. If you can get it below 0.8 mmol/l then you will have virtually no small dense LDL’s and that means cutting your risk profile for heart disease dramatically.

How to do it? Cut back on the sugar and refined carbohydrates. LCHF is here to stay long term.

Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease

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