What’s underlying heart attacks, strokes, dementia and arterial disease?

Gary Fettke No Fructose's photo.

Inflammation is the cause of most modern disease – low grade chronic inflammation.

That arterial wall inflammation is caused by the bodies reaction to small dense Low Density Lipoproteins – often known as the ‘bad cholesterol’ particles.

These are an end product of FRUCTOSE metabolism and have nothing to do with saturated fats. Butter, lard and coconut oil are just fine.

Fructose is half of sugar (in all of it’s forms) and is also formed from glucose/carbohydrate if you are insulin resistant (most overweight people).

We have had a massive increase in our consumption of fructose, sugar and carbs in the last 30 years and the biochemistry points to an increase in small dense LDL’s. That equals more of these inflammatory particles in the blood vessel walls. Add in the polyunsaturated oils in these particles and we have a recipe for chronic low grade inflammation.

Welcome to arterial inflammation in every organ of the body. Welcome to modern disease.

2 options – take more drugs to counteract the inflammation or reduce your sugar, carbs and polyunsaturated oils, otherwise known as tossing processed food product and Just Eating Real Food.

By the way – that’s the No Fructose concept.


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