Wondering how to survive Carb counting if you are a Diabetic?

Ever thought of just avoiding them in the first place and getting fabulous control of your blood glucose.

Carbs are just glucose and if you are Diabetic (type 1 and 2) or preDiabetic then you are intolerant of glucose. You are struggling to metabolise it.

You are probably heading for more and more medication if you are Type 2. Welcome to the insulin slippery slide.

There is another way and it’s not as hard as you think. It is incredibly safe and you can reverse Type 2 if you get on board early enough.

Every person I know who is Diabetic and adopts a Low Carb and Health Fat lifestyle has a better outcome, better control and a reduction in medication. That’s a pretty good Christmas present to yourself or someone you love.

If you need that help, we have books at the Diabetes & Health Research Centre, one on one consultations (including Skype) and ongoing education and support for you.