How to lose weight in 23 of the 26 options?

Gary Fettke No Fructose's photo.

This article covers most of the evidence based reasonable things to do to get weight off.

I openly admit to NOT recommending supplements apart from adding extra salt into your diet if you are going Low Carb, but that is related to some physiological reasons, not to try and fill you up.

Glucomannan is a root extract and not on my list for recommendations. Same goes for the whey protein suggested.

I would rather you make the long term lifestyle decisions which are not going to cost money and are sustainable.

I prefer more healthy fat rather than protein when you drop your carb intake. The extra protein encouraged tends to bump up the insulin effect. Be careful on the portion size with energy dense natural fats.

The advertising recommends avoiding carrots but I think they are okay as a go to snack. The benefits of chewing negates the fructose in a standard carrot. Definitely avoid juicing lots of them.

Most of the article is pretty reasonable and worth the read.…/