How much sugar is in those lunch box sultana packs?

Who are we to believe? Coles or Sunbeam? 35% or 64.2% sugar for the ‘same’ Australian sultanas. Same dried fruit but different percentages. Hmmm

The Coles sultanas are 35.0 g/100g sugar and 76.4 g/100g carbohydrate.

The Sunbeam sultanas are 64.2 g/100g sugar and 69.0 g/100g carbohydrate.

This was a chance finding for me as I was doing some calculations and thought I was reading the Coles brand incorrectly. They are documenting the carbohydrate content as being similar to the Sunbeam but I ‘wonder ‘ if Coles have misled the consumer by understating the sugar content.

I ‘wonder’ if Coles are waking up to the fact that parents are looking at the sugar content of food and have snuck this lower sugar figure in. They might argue that fructose is not sugar.

It just raises my suspicion index.

Either way I don’t think we should be having dried fruit.

That little 40g box has over 6 teaspoons of sugar in it. That’s more than I have in a day and I am bigger than a child.

Is it no wonder that kids at school are struggling either because they have the wrong fuel in the tank or being distracted by the child that does?

What do I think about fruit –