Why we need to keep low fat milk on the market.

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You thought you would never hear that from me.

My latest indulgence – a glass of full cream! Full FAT. The only ingredient is cream. No additives. No thickeners. Just natural Tasmanian cream.

42.8% fat and only 1.3% sugars and they will be predominantly lactose. The protein is at 0.9%. Cream makes a perfect fuel for Low Carb and Health Fat eating (LCHF).

I have come across this local cream available in northern Tasmania and it is indulgent. I am not lactose intolerant and most Caucasian descendants cope well with dairy produce. I am also not Paleo and see the benefits of dairy in our evolution.

I spoke to the Ashgrove distributor this week and quizzed him on the cream. It is made when they take the cream off to make low-fat milk. Simple as that. If we don’t produce low-fat and skim milk varieties I will not get as much cream.

So to keep me happy we need to have a population still believing in low fat options.

The best thing is that they are producing a 2 litre container. It’s available from Youngs Veggie Shed and IGA supermarkets around northern Tasmania. All you need to do is ask if they have the 2 litres in stock.

I have warned Ashgrove that they might get a few orders this week. 🙂

If you are not here in northern Tasmania then start asking your local dairy producers to supply into the market.

‘Bone’ appetit

PS: No freebies or kickbacks for me on this one in case you are wondering. I am just owning up to my latest ‘hit’. It was ‘super’ milk before with 2/3 full cream milk with 1/3 cream. That remains a great snack fuel for children and active individuals.

PPS Drinking ‘glasses’ of cream will prevent weight loss so be careful of the amount on this.

More on appetite control at http://www.nofructose.com/food-ideas/appetite-control/