LCHF gaining traction!

Gary Fettke No Fructose's photo.

I have had a good couple of weeks. I am not feeling so alone on my Low Carb Healthy Fat journey.

The medical profession is ‘coming out’ with me. A big family catchup over Easter reinforced that this LCHF campaign is well worth it, even it is just for those closest to me. But it is going well beyond me now 🙂

Most of the people I love and care for are adopting the lifestyle, not as much as Belinda Fettke BPhotography and myself, but now have the concept firmly entrenched.

The common theme amongst them is frustration that there are so many negative influences around them when they are trying to do the right thing for them, their children and the people they either work with or spend time with. This is despite the positive health benefits they have had and even more frustrating when those same people ask them how come they are so well.

One sister is a primary school teacher and we chatted about the classroom concentration and attention disaster and how it is all timed with the lunch box food. We discussed an idea. She is going to try something in the next few months with the children and see how it goes.

Another sister is an ICU nurse. She shared her story of shift work and cr@p eating habits of staff, particularly on night duty. People trying to get through the night with junk food, sugar and caffeine hits ending up with significant health issues. She has turned her health around recently with LCHF. I tried telling her about it all 3 years ago but she didn’t believe it – what do older brothers know anyway (I still love you Carly xx).

Our daughters Kate and Megan are well on board and contributing greatly to the Diabetes & Health Research Centre. They have their own frustrations with their immediate work and university environments. Hang in there family smile emoticon

Our daughter-in-law even told me about the biochemical polyol pathway that she had come across whilst studying biomedical science. I don’t think Heidi believed me when I talked about it as being an integral part of my Nutritional Model of Modern Disease last year. She and William are coming around to LCHF.…/nutritional-model-of-modern-di…/

The medical profession is turning too!

I have had discussions, meetings and email contact from several doctors and dietitians in the recent weeks.

On board with the LCHF concept in health management and now advocating it to their patients and staff. These people are in my local community, this state and nationally. These are just personal contacts in the last 2 weeks seeking support themselves or just wanting to be part of it all.

In order of contact – not ‘egos’ tongue emoticon
Plastic Surgeon
Radiologists (2)
General Practitioners (4) – There is now at least one GP in each of the bigger Launceston practices advocating LCHF in having a role to play in health.
Dietitians (3)
Nutritionists (2)
Nurses (at least 5 ‘new’ adoptees)

A major way that this awareness is growing is by the community adopting LCHF and taking it back to their doctors. Early followers of this page will remember me advocating this method.

Do not wait for the medical profession to change. Do not wait for the government bodies to change. They are influenced by inertia and the food and pharmaceutical industry.

Make the changes and choices yourself – feel better and healthier and then lead by example.

Thank you to my family and community for leading this. ‘WE’ still have a long way to go but it is nice to know that I am not alone.