Smoke a ‘Fresh’ Cigarette and ‘Natural’ Sugar


If you are aware of the consequences of your actions then you can make an informed decision.

The medical profession and government used to promote the benefits of smoking. They were even used to relax children on long journeys. They were part of the rations for our soldiers, given an allocation in our pension calculations and tobacco remains part of our Consumer Price Indexation related to our cost of ‘living’.

Smokers nowadays know that it is bad for them with potential health consequences but they make that decision and that is of their own volition.

Health professionals and government authorities for the last 40 years have been encouraging people to have low fat diets supplemented with ‘natural’ sugar. There is nothing ‘natural’ about its production and our consumption.

We have been encouraged to have fruit and fruit juices in amounts more than we are designed to have and then forced to exercise ourselves into the ground to get the weight down that we have been putting on.

The truth is the diametric opposite. Low fat foods, sugar and refined carbohydrates are not beneficial to us.

Sugar and particularly the fructose component, with refined carbohydrates have serious long term effects. Add in the polyunsaturated oils and they become major promoters of inflammation in blood vessel walls and in every organ of the body.

That creates a susceptible organ just ripe for further damage.

That’s the major contributor to the increasing burden of disease that we are confronted with today. We are what we eat.

We just need to be informed correctly. Government recommendations on what we should eat are outdated. Look how many decades it took government authorities to change their tack on tobacco.

There is No Cost and No Side Effects to cutting down dramatically your intake of Sugar and Polyunsaturated Seed Oils and Margarine.

That is my informed decision.