Trans Fats – Good or Bad?

Gary Fettke No Fructose's photo.

The first response is bad. That’s what we hear. That’s what the Heart Foundation propagate. But is there a difference between the industrial hydrogenated trans fats and the natural ones found in butter and meat? Of course there is.

This came through from Dianne and she was concerned when our ‘peak’ body comes out with their misinformation, again.

“The Heart Foundation have on their web page that “…butter is around 50% saturated fat and 4% trans fat – the unhealthy fats that raise our cholesterol levels”. I read this information about trans fat in butter with some concern”

The industrial trans fats are harmful, but that’s not the ones found in butter.

The amounts of trans fats found in butter are high at around 4%. Alarming if you are from the Heart ‘less misinformation’ Foundation. If they did some further reading then they would learn that there are different forms of trans fats.

Natural ruminant trans fats are quite different to the processed ones and appear to be protective from a cardiovascular perspective.

Stick with the butter.

Chris Kresser does a nice summary of them.


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