DAA not ready to look at current literature.


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Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) replies to my weekend post on the back flip done by the USA Dietitians 🙁

The DAA continue to state that the American guidelines are for Americans and not applicable here. Unfortunately we have the same metabolism and essentially the same processed food here.

The DAA continues to quote the 2013 Australian Dietary Guidelines (ADG) as being the go to document and quote the literature from there. I wonder if they noticed that the most of the literature quoted comes from the USA anyway.

Another thing which irks me is that they keep quoting that the ADG’s refers to 55000 articles. I don’t believe they actually went through those studies in detail for a number of reasons.

There are sections of the ADG that have been copy/pasted from the 2003 ADG. Take a look at the area on Saturated Fat for instance. There is very little review of current literature in that section. It’s almost as though they had written saturated fat off as being a health issue and left it at that.

If you work out how long it takes to read an article and then review it then you should allocate at least an hour to do it properly. That would take 1 person over 30 years to do if that’s all they did.

I realise that there was a panel of experts but the logistics of putting together a review of 55000 articles without skipping information is all too easy.

The Nutrition world is waking up to the problems of processed food. Unfortunately our Australian bureaucracies are still slumbering along.

Here is the weekend post.