DAA softening on fat


Dietitians Association of Australia understands that LCHF is a ‘hot topic’.

This opinion piece has come out from the DAA yesterday. I don’t like the term Low Carb High Fat because it gives people the inference that they can gorge on fat. Replacing high sugar and refined carbohydrates with the right amount of Healthy Fat is my recommendation.

Nonetheless the DAA have dipped their toes into the debate with caution, and with the role of LCHF in Diabetes management. They acknowledge that there is a role for it, with the right supervision. Exactly my point.

I actively encourage my patients to consider lowering their carb intake with the supervision of their doctor, a dietitian and a diabetes nurse educator – and to do it slowly.

The DAA have not gone far enough but the statement is a baby step from them.

The role of carbohydrate restriction in Diabetes management is being debated around the world and the following summary article sums up my current opinion.

‘Dietary carbohydrate restriction as the first approach in diabetes management: Critical review and evidence base’


Science keeps evolving and options for patients need to be considered.