Skipping breakfast makes it easier to maintain and lose weight.

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The ‘myth’ of having to have breakfast is up for discussion in this weeks Editorial of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

Skipping breakfast (for adults) results in lower overall energy intake per day.

“Skipping breakfast should be enough to reduce, at least, the rate of gain in weight for people who regularly consume breakfast.”

The editorial is pretty damning on the food industry too.

“Unfortunately, the advice to eliminate breakfast will surely pit us, as nutritional scientists, against the very strong and powerful food industry. This industry has an economic interest in maintaining the current rate of energy ingestion by the population.”

“If we are truly concerned about the health of the American public, we must stand against these powerful forces and proclaim that we can no longer eat just because food is available. Rather, we must learn to live with consuming less energy.”

These comments are starting to come out in the literature. 🙂…/ear…/2015/08/12/ajcn.115.118398…

Apologies if some of you cannot get the full article. I will try and source it as it comes out. Stay tuned.

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