Is the public hospital health system terminal?

Bulging hospitalThe Tasmanian State hospital system is failing – might as well throw in the Australian one as well.

Increasing demands on the system are causing bed shortages, blown out waiting lists for elective surgery and several months of waiting just to get appointments to get into the system.

This is just bad for everyone. Patients are suffering and when they finally get in are often sicker. That just costs more to everyone and not just money.

It would be good if the politicians and bureaucrats had it worked out but they don’t and they don’t look like they are going to sort it out any time soon.

What I find frustrating is the inertia for change. What I find more frustrating is that the bureaucracy and politicians will not communicate with me. I have written ‘again’ to certain people who just won’t write back.

I have some options to put on the table, again and again, but no one in authority seems to want to listen, let alone act. That’s inexcusable.

What’s the prognosis for the system? Not very good. Sorry everyone.

Prevention of our health disasters is the key.

We have invited a lot of those bureaucrats and politicians to our Choose Health forum in a few weeks time. We will see if they are willing to listen another side to the health equation. All we can do is offer to meet, offer to present options and offer to work together.

There is a choice in our health equation. The current path is not working, so it’s time to look seriously at what everyone is saying, and maybe listening to someone within the system who is willing to speak up might just be the thing the system requires.

If you want to Choose Health then another option, prevention, is at the Choose Health forum on September 5. Invite a bureaucrat along. Invite your politician. Let them know from you as well as from us. This is so important.