Why am I on this this ‘public’ journey of Public Health awareness?

DSCN2839No bureaucrat has ever asked me that. Ever. They just seem to see me as a troublemaker.

When you find something that makes a real difference to your patients lives you have to do something about it, even if the response from the system and your peers is there every day.

Adopting a lifestyle with less processed foods in it is a no brainer for me. It just happens to end up being low in sugar, low in refined carbohydrates and involves foods with good protein and healthy fats – not processed ones. And I call it LCHF – Low Carb Healthy Fat.

My friend, Dr Jason Fung from Ontario Canada, tells his story and in particular to Type 2 Diabetes management.

“Then came the inescapable, horrifying conclusion.

We, as doctors, had been treating T2D exactly wrong.

And that is why I have started this journey. Because with the proper treatment, T2D is a curable disease.

T2D is a disease of too much insulin, just as obesity results from too much insulin. The treatment is to lower insulin, not raise it. We weren’t just not treating T2D, we were making it worse.”