Order out of chaos

shutterstock_69073516Order out of chaos – Choose Health

On looking back I have being creating order out of chaos for a long time.

My ‘down time’ is sometimes to play those card games like Spider Solitaire, Free Cell, Mahjong and the like.

My mother taught me how to play a variety of Solitaire games as a child. I did a lot of jigsaw puzzles. It is still our go to family ‘thing to do’ when someone is ill.

Learning and researching our whole nutrition ‘science’ has been a jigsaw puzzle for me. I don’t have it finished by a long way yet but the big picture is emerging – the combination of fructose, refined carbohydrates and polyunsaturated oils, in the amount and frequency we consume them in society is the root cause of inflammation and then modern disease.

The other recent reflection is that I have come at this ‘nutrition and health’ jigsaw puzzle over the last several years without preconceptions, without traditional textbooks shaping my understanding and without being influenced by drug company reps shaping my interpretation of drug treatment there for every condition including statins for ‘potential’ heart disease and too much medication for diabetes.

Orthopaedic Surgeons don’t prescribe a lot of lifelong expensive drugs so the reps don’t spend a lot of time with us. The pharmaceutical industry know not to waste their time with us presumably.

I have come at the ‘nutrition and health’ puzzle without the ‘prescribed’ image that the food and pharmaceutical industry have us want to see – you know the one that is on the front of the puzzle box – low fat, carbs and sugar in processed food is fine and don’t worry about margarine. Instead, I have just worked slowly moving the pieces around until they slot in to place, rather than being hammered into place by the food and corporate industry influences of the last few decades.

The jigsaw puzzle pieces of ‘nutrition’ are coming together and I have taken the step of Choosing Health. Along the way, a lot of people are putting their individual jigsaw puzzles together.
Until recently, I certainly have not seen Dietitians getting any decent results with my patients. That has all changed with the opportunity to work with our team at Nutrition for Life. They can see the big picture coming together. They are so much further towards finishing the jigsaw puzzle.

We had our regular educational multidisciplinary team session last night and there is a buzz in the air. It is clearly palpable. We are all teaching each other. We are helping each other slide pieces into place for each individual puzzle.

You know that feeling you get when you are doing a big jigsaw puzzle and nearing the end. The same thing with that game of Solitaire or Mahjong. You can see order in the chaos. Some of us are just seeing it earlier than others.

If you need a bit of help with your ‘nutrition and health’ jigsaw puzzle then come along next week to our Choose Health forum at the Tailrace here in Launceston. You should find some jigsaw pieces come into place.