Low carb wisdom

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My colleague Dr Aseem Malhotra, gets voted in to the top 64 influencers in London for his public stand on sugar, public nutrition, cholesterol and statins.

Well done Aseem.

This is not a whinge from me but an observation. Professor Tim Noakes in South Africa, Dr Caryn Zinn and Professor Grant Schofield in New Zealand and myself here in Australia are all under ‘scrutiny’ by bureaucracy for stating exactly the same thing as Aseem.

Namely reducing sugar and processed food intake and that we need to revisit the saturated fat is bad myth in view of new evidence.

Interesting times if you pay attention.

“Dr Aseem Malhotra

Science director, Action on Sugar

Young cardiologist, formerly of the Royal Free London, whose impassioned and articulate campaigning on the dangers of sugar has taken him to Downing Street and into TV studios — as his cross-over appeal sees him double up as a newspaper reviewer. Campaigns for openness in drug trials, in particular on cholesterol-reducing statins, which he says provide no overall benefit to otherwise healthy people.”