What can you do to take back control in your cancer outcome?

What can you do to take back control in your cancer outcome?

You can starve it of glucose, but probably more importantly, starve it of insulin and IGF-1, which both stimulate cancer growth.

Cancer and Nutrition – Time to Rethink, the Metabolic Model of Cancer talk is on YouTube for the first time now.

When you have cancer you are overcome by a complete wave of helplessness.

You will lurch from test to test, and doctors appointment to doctors appointment. Your anxiety levels will go up as you hang on the results and then the ‘decisions’ of which treatment is best for you. Currently, that’s a choice between surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

It is almost unheard of that the medical establishment discusses nutrition apart from maybe ‘eat well’.

This talk looks hard at the role of sugar and processed food in the cause and growth of cancer as well as the role of fasting and nutritional ketosis in the management and prevention of cancer. This is about what the individual can do.

If you have cancer or know of someone with cancer, then PLEASE give them the option of taking back some control of the outcome.

Changing into Nutritional Ketosis is no guarantee to cure cancer but it should help make the current treatments more effective and protect the tissues surrounding a cancer from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

At the very least it should not do any harm, and it is the cheapest  adjunctive treatment option.

The talk was filmed at the recent Choose Health event here in Launceston and follows on from the Cape Town World Summit presentation earlier this year.