Gestational Diabetes and low carb management?

LCHF during pregnancy?

These are taboo topics and no one will come out with firm statements. No one will be accountable.

I want to start collating your stories.

Gestational Diabetes and ‘pregnancy obesity’ are out of control. Let’s start considering alternatives and good nutrition seems obvious. The only problem is defining what ‘good nutrition’ actually is.

In theory, there should be no problem with running Low Carb Health Fat during pregnancy. It has been a traditional way of eating for millennia and still is for many around the world. Embryos and foetuses will grow on ketone bodies from fat and glucose will still cross the placenta.

I know of several good news successful stories of women who have been able to control their Gestational Diabetes (GD) fabulously with LCHF. I am also aware of women that have avoided GD by being LCHF when they have had GD with past pregnancies.

I know of women who have just continued LCHF right through with no problems except when they got to the hospital food.

I have not heard of any disasters from running Low Carb yet this is touted by doctors, diabetes nurse educators and dietitians as being dangerous to your unborn child.

Let’s start putting together some information. I would like to hear the good and the bad. Let’s see if there really are dangers in running healthy LCHF during pregnancy. I suspect it is an urban myth.

If you find any literature then send that along as well.

A balanced diet in my mind equals getting the micronutrients, minerals and vitamins in the right combination with fat and protein for building cells. The energy source is secondary and can come from glucose or ketones. They both end up as Acetyl CoA which mitochondria use for conversion to ATP (Adenosine Tri Phosphate).

You may feel okay with posting your stories or send along as a separate message. I am not going to post anything that you don’t want made public. This is about collating some information that may end up being background for a pilot study.

Thank you.

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