$10000 Cash prize for anyone that can explain to me how eating a saturated fat can give you cardiovascular disease.

The polyunsaturated fats and oils that are found in substances like margarine, seed and vegetable oils have multiple double bonds within them. That gives them flexibility, particularly at cool temperatures.

That’s great if you are a plant but in us those double bonds are points of weakness, allowing oxidation top occur and that is INFLAMMATORY.

That inflammatory polyunsaturated material ends up in the blood vessel walls of every organ in the body and becomes a critical part of our cell and mitochondrial membranes.

We end up being just one inflammatory body and that equals modern disease, not just cardiovascular disease.

Saturated fats like those found in high amounts in butter, lard and coconut oil just don’t have those double bonds, therefore there is nothing to oxidise, nothing to get inflamed. End of story from a biochemical aspect as far as I am concerned.

So use that margarine for what it was originally intended – a lubricant for engines, not for spreading around your friends and family.

The bigger picture of food and inflammation at http://www.nofructose.com/…/nutritional-model-of-modern-di…/