LCHF wins Rugby World Cup

Gary Fettke No Fructose's photo.

I was in the enviable position overnight of backing a winner in the World Cup Rugby final.

Either Australia was going to win and my born patriotism was intact or New Zealand was going to win and my adopted patriotism of Low Carb Healthy Fat was going to win out.

It was only yesterday that Prof Grant Schofield from Auckland told me about the All Blacks eating lifestyle. If only I could have gotten to a betting shop.
Sorry for the Wallabies but,on that LCHF news, the final was a foregone conclusion.

The Kiwis continue to punch above their weight population wise in rugby and cricket World Cup finals. The interesting thing is how both teams have adopted LCHF in recent times. Coincidence, chemistry or confidence building?

I am not certain what their net ballers are eating. Maybe that’s for another day.

We will be over in NZ in the next few weeks. I should be able to find some bacon and eggs 😎