Banning sugary drinks from schools is not a nanny state.

10 years of sugar free in this Auckland school from the lowest socioeconomic level has transformed it. It is an inspiring story.

“Like many school tuckshops, sadly, financial profit was prioritised over children’s well-being and we wondered why we had learning and behavioural problems.”

I was appalled, once again, on the weekend to see that the Tasmanian Health Minister was saying that going sugar free is a nanny state thing to do. The NSW government introduced that nanny state mentality in 2006. I wonder if he was aware of that.…/…/12/SugarsweetendDrinksBan.pdf

Quotes from Susan Dunlop, Principal of Yendarra Primary School at the FIZZ Symposium in New Zealand.

New Zealand are so far ahead of us in this. A bit like the Rugby Union frown emoticon

“Our kids were either to hyper or too lethargic to learn.

Our plan was to get our children to replace sugary drinks with water.

The effects of drinking water were immediate. A transformation occurred virtually overnight.

Our kids were happier and more settled both in the classroom and the playground.

By going water only we had made our first step in our children’s well-being.

The children were changing their parents and grandparents drinking habits, and the wider community.

What parent wants to outlive their child?

Effective teachers have a huge influence on the children they teach.

Schools have a moral responsibility to teach about eating food and health and teach it well.

With all the propaganda hitting our children we have to teach them about what is real food.

We have few if any behavioural problems.

We have discovered that a local change can create a tsunami of change. Whoever you represent today, be bold with your convictions on drinking water and eating well.

Just do it.”