Investment bankers taking a further interest in sugar

Sugar addiction – breaking the cycle

It’s always interesting to find out what the investment sector thinks about a topic. They are interested in the hard figures and try to make predictions going forward.

Obesity is a bigger economic problem than famine – a massive turnaround over 22 years.

The full report looks at economics over a 20 year period.

Continuing with a high sugar load leaves us with predictably 60% of the population obese, diabetes affecting at least 12% of the population (I have seen figures quoted as much higher). A lowering of sugar intake would see a drop in diabetes rate but a prediction of obesity dropping towards zero!

“It is a truth almost universally acknowledged that sugar-sweetened beverages are the easiest means of adding empty calories and gaining weight.

But one does not need to be sipping Coca-Cola or chewing on a favourite marzipan bar to fall prey to sugar.

From fibre-rich cereal to fat-free yogurt, from old-fashioned ketch-up to exotic teriyaki sauce, one finds added sugar in 80% of the foods in our supermarkets, including many of the perceived “healthy” varieties.”–breaking-the-cycle/