Sugar consumption more likely to be associated with type 1 Diabetes. This is a game changer.


Type 1 Diabetes is on the increase in children and in adults.

Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease which affects the pancreatic beta cells. As they are knocked off the individual cannot secrete enough insulin to cope with the sugar and carbohydrate load received in the diet, hence my recommendation of reducing that sugar and carbohydrate load in the first place.

This is a well constructed prospective study over 12 years that shows that in a group of people predisposed to Type 1 diabetes that sugar consumption and particularly sugar sweetened beverages increased the likelihood of that susceptible group developing into Type 1 diabetes themselves.

The take home message is still the same. Reducing the amount and frequency of sugar intake (fructose and glucose) is a good thing, both as prevention and treatment of all diabetes.