A New Year’s resolution or a life aim?

success isn't about how much money you make. It's about the differenceyou make in people's lives.-2
This is my 2016 plan.
“I would like to see and support those around me to reach their potential.”
That was my answer to one of those ‘conversation starters’ that came in the Christmas bonbon.
Little things like that prompt thoughts as I looked around my family at Christmas time and thought of those close to me.
It is one of life’s joys to revel in the satisfaction of seeing those around you succeed in their ventures. It does not have to be financial or work success. In fact, that is probably less important.
To see someone passionate about something and giving it a go, no matter what it is, makes me satisfied and proud. Hearing of others ideas and priorities and philanthropy and thought processes is stimulating. Some people very close to me have expanded their ‘talent and skill’ set and it has been wonderful to be privy to that.
I have seen so many of those around us develop as individuals in recent times with changing to a LCHF (low carbohydrate and healthy fat) lifestyle. Some have needed our support and some have been led by example. The health benefits that we see mean that it is impossible not to continue imparting this message of healthy eating.

2016 however, sees me looking at two groups of people that I will spend less time and energy on.
One group that do frustrate me enormously are those people that have the potential to do something that say they want to but don’t and then complain, and worse so, drag those down around them.
The other group are the naysayers against LCHF. I keep letting people work LCHF out for themselves. I have never forced the concept on anyone, just let them know it’s an option. They give it a go in one form or another, and as they see the benefits they seek out more information.
But why obstruct those making some healthier life choices? To those doctors, health ‘professionals’ and bureaucrats saying LCHF is a fad and dangerous diet – get out of the way. Get informed on the science and look at the results.
I hope you all bring the New Year on with renewed optimism. We have recharged the batteries and are ready for 2016.