Boosting your health? Not likely

‘Boost’ing your blood glucose level. Marketing more than health?

Juicing fruit rather than chewing might be convenient at the airport and shops but comes at a price. That sugar load is going to hit the bloodstream much quicker.

Once you put fruit into the blender, the fibre is destroyed, the bulk reduced and the sugar freed up to be absorbed quicker.

Compare the sugar content of the Boost juices to that of Coca Cola at 10.6%

All of the Smoothies and Super Smoothies have more sugar than Coca Cola and the Green Tea Mango Mantra smashes Coca Cola at 14.9% sugar and 16.a7% carbohydrate. That’s a massive 102 grams of glucose and fructose hitting the system. That’s about 25 teaspoons of sugar and carb in an ‘Original’ container.

The claims of health benefits are distorted in my opinion, but the pictures are pretty.

Buyer beware.

PS. Water is my preferred option 🙂…/…/02/Nutrition_Menu_Guide.pdf