How does diabetes affect you?

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There are only 3 groups of people out there.

You either have diabetes, you are going to get diabetes or you are going to be caught up in the economic or personal costs of diabetes. Pretty simple – so it’s worth paying attention to this topic.

Whatever we are recommending for those with diabetes is not working. My New Zealand colleagues have just put this paper together for the New Zealand Medical Journal. Brilliant.

For my patients, LCHF has given them their lives back!!!!

Low Carb in Diabetes management and treatment works better than the current low fat/ high carb recommendations that currently exist.

Eat what you want and chase it with medication is completely unsustainable.

“We’re just continuing to make the point that low carb eating is a very sensible way to go for people with diabetes. The outcomes are better.”

“higher-carbohydrate diets for people with diabetes may have played a part in the modern characterisation of type 2 diabetes as a chronic condition with a progressive requirement for multiple medications.”

Take the link to read the whole paper.…/very-low-carbohydrate-diets-in-the-…/