Low carb ‘cures’ T2 diabetes


Low Carb ‘cures’ diabetes short term but association guidelines won’t take it on yet as there are no long term studies over years.

By the same token there are no long term studies to say that the current recommendations to eat 50% of your diet as sugar and carbohydrate and then have medication prevent or effectively treat diabetes.

“Which do you think people would find more practical?” asks Dr. Vernon. “Avoiding bread and sugar, or taking an insulin shot every day?” Before you answer, consider that the ADA, America’s leading authority on diabetes, refuses even to pose this question to millions of diabetes sufferers, leaving them unaware that there may actually be an alternative to leading a medicated life.

“You might prefer to just take the insulin, and that’s your choice,” says Dr. Vernon. “But in my experience, patients are far healthier and happier without it.” She pauses for a moment. “And isn’t that the whole point?”