Why would you combine butter with margarine? $$$$ of course!

Are you confused at the margarine and butter section of the supermarket?

I thought the whole idea of margarine was to avoid butter – Heart Foundation nonsense etc.

Is there a health benefit or health risk by combining butter and margarine?

It has to be one or the other.

Unilever Flora must be desperate. How do we get market share back when sales of margarine are declining? Let’s add butter to margarine. Let’s add olive oil to margarine. Now let’s market it.

Why would the margarine industry do this apart from to confuse the consumer? This is the latest marketing strategy from Unilever and to add confusion to the mix you can have added ’sea’ salt or reduced salt options.

Again. Adding or reducing salt has to be either good or bad for you. We can’t have it both ways if there are supposed health benefits.

All of this has to be healthy for you? You have got to be joking.

I thought the yoghurt section of the supermarket area was confusing. Now the margarine section has become even more misleading. it is without doubt the Unilever trying to get back market share by Putting butter and olive oil in with their margarine. And then

If margarine was good and butter was bad why would you put them together? And vice versa if butter is good for you why would you put margarine in.

The soft butters generally have vegetable oil put them to put in them to soften them. Adding polyunsaturated oil to the mixture adds in the pro inflammatory component.

Once you’ve worked out if you want butter or olive oil in with your margarine you then need to make the choice about having salt in or out.

Unilever have also introduced a reduced salt and an added ‘healthy sea salt’ option to their new ‘healthy’ butter and margarine products.

Are you confused yet?

The mind boggles for the average person for any person trying to negotiate a part of the supermarket

What do I do when out at the shops?

I will just stick with the butter and as my kidneys are functioning just fine, will not worry about the salt. The olive oil area of the supermarket is ‘miles’ away from the margarine and I can search out for that bit of coconut oil, lard and ghee that we use from time to time.