Nestlé aiming to make more profit by mixing drugs with food

“Nestlé’s impact on the history of how we eat is almost impossible to overstate.

Food is cheap, plentiful, and familiar. It “really turns the pharmaceutical model on its head,” he says. “How do we activate the biggest drug that we take every day?”

If making consumers fat has been big business, making them healthy could be bigger. The pharmaceutical industry is worth $1 trillion a year and growing.

Sales in Nestlé’s confectionery business have fallen every year since 2012, matching declines of competitors.

All the large food producers say they’re trying to reduce their financial dependence on sugar. In fleeing the storm, they’ve darted for varying types of cover.

Nestlé has chosen a radically different path. It wants to invent and sell medicine.

The products Nestlé wants to create would be based on ingredients derived from food and delivered as an appealing snack, not a pill, drawing on the company’s expertise in the dark arts of engineering food for looks, taste, and texture. Some would require a prescription, some would be over-the-counter, and some are already on store shelves today.

Nestlé’s goal is to redefine itself as a scientifically driven “nutrition, health, and wellness company,”

This is a time of some really serious manipulation. Are we ready for it?